Type 2 Diabetes

Uncontrolled Diabetes In Men – And Its Impact

Uncontrolled diabetes in men can have severe consequences on the human body’s health

It is hard to imagine that some people, diagnosed with diabetes, decide not to properly manage their diabetes, thereby increasing their chances of serious complications.
So let us now take a look at the impact of uncontrolled diabetes, the signs and symptoms , and what complications can be caused by this condition.

So What Is Uncontrolled Diabetes In Men?

First of all, let’s start with the definition of diabetes. According to the CDC, diabetes is defined as a chronic health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. Or, those who have diabetes, either don’t produce the amounts of insulin that is required, or the insulin that they do produce, doesn’t do the job that it was intended to.

When managed improperly, diabetes may result in dangerous complications, including infection; heart disease; and problems with ones vascular system (the network of blood vessels that move blood around the body).

Let us look at the two primary types of diabetes –Type 1 & Type 2.

Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune  disorder which is, in the majority of cases, diagnosed in the younger generations – i.e children and teenagers. This diabetes is where the pancreas either doesn’t produce sufficient amounts of insulin or, the insulin that they do produce doesn’t function in the way that it should.

On the other hand, Type 2 Diabetes affects about 90 – 95% of all the people that suffer from diabetes. In these cases, the insulin that is produced is unable to manage the glucose levels in the blood.

Whilst both types of diabetes should be taken very seriously, type 1 can result in fatality if insulin is administered incorrectly or in a timely manner.

Uncontrolled diabetes in men can be defined as when your blood sugar levels are too high, even if you’re treating it. And you may have symptoms such as peeing more often, being thirsty a lot, and having other problems related to your diabetes. An alternative description would be that the problem is being improperly or poorly managed, which results in dangerously raised blood glucose levels.

uncontrolled diabetes in men

Diabetes is a complex health condition. It is estimated to affect over to 37 million people, and those in the U.S. alone diagnosed with prediabetes amount to approximately 96 million more. More importantly – and sadly – diabetes is the seventh leading cause of deaths in America (according to the American Diabetes Association)!

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